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Home Energy Savings?
Struggling with Texas Heat and high energy bills? Introducing two great products that can save you money and reduce the wear and tear on your home Air Conditioner, Refrigeration and Electricity. Plus an added bonus of protection from damaging electrical surges.

ICECOLD and Stedi-Power Transient Voltage Surge Suppression System (TVSS)

Both of these products have been proven to work, preform and pay for themselves in one year. These Money Saving Investments will not interfere with any manufacturer warranty and provide a valuable one time/lifetime service. The Stedi Power regulates electricty voltage saving you money and the ICECOLD allows your refrigeration and air conditioning compressor the ability to run more efficiently without resistance.

The TVSS is installed on the “service side” of the main breaker to provide customers with the maximum protection possible.

The ICECOLD® formula is not an additive, is non-toxic, non-hazardous and does not contain harmfull sulfur, chlorine, solvents, acids, soaps, waxes, oils, combustibles, corrosives, or solids.

We invite you to review our testimonials and to review all of the information regarding these products. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 817-492-0161 or email us.

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Spectra Energy Savings save on electric bills | www.energy-savingstx.com


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We invite you to investigate these products and we have listed details about Stedi Power and Ice Cold
but for the short answer, this is what these energy saving products can do or you.
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