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Spectra Services
Spectra Property Services has heard our customers and we have responded with a "yes" we can do that. We are so pleased with our client outcome and we strive to spread our customer service and quality services.

Thank you for you interest and please review our services listed below;

Spectra Inspection | www.spectra-inspections.com

We have been providing Inspections Services since 2004 and all of our inspectors are certified and have been trained with the most recent building code and OSHA Requirements.
Inspection Services for commercial and residential include New Home Inspections, Sewer Cam Inspections, Infrared Camera Inspections, Asbestos Inspections, Site Assessment Inspections and Energy Inspections.


Spectra Construction Services | www.spstx.com

Since 2004 our construction services include new construction, multi-family, remodeling, renovation and property site assessment. Our professional construction team includes registered and certified electricians, plumbers, welders, framers, roofers, technician and inspectors. Whether your project is a new construction, minor renovation or major extension the Spectra Team is eager to help you achieve your ultimate goal.


Spectra Termite, Bed Bugs and general Pest Control Services | www.dfwtermites.com

Spectra Termite, Bed Bug and Pest Control is equipped with equipment to get the job done. Specializing in Bed Bug Extinction and termite eradication and prevention. Infrared equipment is available when necessary to peer inside walls to see bug and rodent evidence.


Spectra Energy Savings | www.energy-savingstx.com

Energy Saving Solutions for home owners and business. Stedi-Power Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) System and ICECOLDĀ® 5th Generation Synthetic Catalyst can save you money and will, in fact, pay for itself in one years time! Not only will these energy saving products save you money on your monthly bill but they will also eliminate Common Surge Protection precautions and save money on mechanical maintenance or replacement cost for all electrical devices including your HVAC, Lighting and Refrigeration.


Mansfield, Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth Roofing | www.spectraroofing.com

Spectra Properties Services offer quality roofing with precision and detail. Our inspection service offers a value to all of our construction applications because we make certain the job is done correctly with no shortcuts. Spectra is happy to help with your insurance claim and after the job is complete our jobsite is clean and free of debri.


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Spectra Inspections | DFW Inspectors | www.spectra-inspections.com
Spectra Property Services | Spectra Inspections, Energy Savings, Construction and Termite/Bed Bugs/Pest Control

ICECOLD® is endorsed by 7-11, Popeye’s Chicken, McDonalds, Ben E. Keith, the USPS, 100’s of other businesses with over 80,000 world-wide implementations.

Stedi Power and Ice Cold provide Dallas Electric Savings, Fort Worth Electric Savings and Reduce Business Electric Bills

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